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Schülerkongress is a state-wide competition of high school German students, and approximately 300 students attend the annual event. It is sponsored by the Kansas Association of Teachers of German, and all middle and high school German students in Kansas are invited to join in the activities. Only non-native speakers may compete in the events, but experienced and native speakers are welcome and needed to come and help as “Sprachprofis.”


KATG Deutsches Wochenende

With a 30+ year history, KATG Deutsches Wochenende is one of the oldest continuous immersion experiences for German teachers in the United States. Participants pledge to use only German for this unique professional development event.

NOTE: In the 'mobile device view,' you must click on the weekend's number in order to see the year, location, theme, and presenter(s).

UPDATED 9/26/2016

Constitution of the Kansas Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German

I. Name

The name of the chapter shall be the Kansas Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (KATG).

II. Purpose

The purpose of the chapter conforms to that of the national organization. It proposes to further and improve the teaching of German in Kansas and to promote a sense of joint effort and a spirit of mutual aid among its members.

III. Membership

1. Any teacher of German or anyone interested in the teaching of German may join the chapter and the national association upon payment of the annual dues as specified by the bylaws of the national organization. No one can be a member of the chapter alone. All chapter members belong first to the national association. Membership will be retained by the continued payment of the annual dues. Only members in good standing may exercise the privileges of membership.

2. The annual dues include online access to The German Quarterly and Die Unterrichtspraxis.

3. In addition to regular membership, discounted memberships are available to new teachers, part-time teachers, retired teachers, temporarily unemployed teachers and full-time students.

IV. Officers

1. The officers of the chapter are the president, the vice-president, the past president, the secretary and the treasurer.

2. Each year the members shall elect an officer who will serve as vice-president for one year, become president during the following year, and be past president for another year, for a total of three years of service. The candidate for this office shall be chosen alternately from the primary or secondary school level and from the college or university level. The secretary and the treasurer shall be elected in alternate years for a two-year term. Only the secretary and the treasurer may be reelected.

V. Administration

The administration of the chapter shall be in the hands of the executive council which consists of the officers provided for in section IV. In addition, the chapter testing chairperson and the chapter membership chair shall also serve on the executive council. They are appointed by the president each year.

VI. Meetings  

The chapter shall have a business meeting at least once a year. The time and place of such meeting(s) shall be determined by the president after due consultation with the executive council.

VII. Changes in the Constitution

1. This constitution may be amended, or a new constitution may be adopted, by a majority of votes received in a mail or email ballot submitted to all chapter members, or by a majority of votes of members present at the annual business meeting.

2. Amendments to the constitution or a new constitution may be proposed by the executive council or by written notice to the executive council by at least four chapter members.

3. If mail or email ballots are used, separate ballots for voting on any proposed amendment or on a new constitution shall be sent to all chapter members. The secretary shall designate a date by which all ballots must be received, and the ballots shall advise the members of said date. The secretary shall receive and tabulate the ballots and report the results to the executive council. The results shall also be announced and take effect at the annual business meeting at which final action is to be taken.


Amended: September 24, 2016

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