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The Kansas World Language Association (KSWLA) welcomes presentation proposals from language teachers, administrators, and those in language-study related professions and industries. All sessions are one hour (60 minutes). The selection of presentation proposals occurs after the June 1st deadline, and selected presenters are notified immediately thereafter. Exact scheduling (day and time) is usually set by October 1st. All presenters pay a reduced-rate conference fees, due by the registration deadline.


TITLE OF SESSION (15 words maximum)
Most attendees use the title alone in picking their session choices — put some thought into yours! Your title should have no more than 15 words maximum. Each part of hyphenated or slashed words counts as one word. Your title should accurately reflect the content of your presentation. The use of colons is permitted (example: Good Titles: Key to Success).

SESSION DESCRIPTION (Limit of 75 words)
Your session description/abstract will be used in the Conference Program. It should consist of/include:

  • one or two general sentence(s) relating your topic to importance in the field, theory and/or research;
  • one/two sentence(s) describing what you're going to do (the presenter will ... ); and
  • a summary sentence that states what participants will get, experientially or physically, out of the session
       (the participant will learn / see / experience / receive ... ).

Spell out any acronyms used. Do not include citations.

Computers are not provided. If you must have Internet connectivity, please check the box below and information will be forwarded to you about availability and expense. You can avoid unnecessary expenses, stress, and problems by saving webpages to your computer, making screenshots, and downloading video and audio to your computer in advance. Plan as though no internet connection will be available, and sail through your presentation without a glitch! Don't be one of those presenters whose talk comes to a screeching halt because they can't show a website they wanted to! Not sure how to save websites, audio, or video? Contact the KSWLA webmaster for help!

Audience participants are asked to evaluate each session presented, using a rubric provided by KSWLA. This rubric helps the Executive Council identify each year's designated "Best of Kansas" presentation, and measures the following criteria: presentation organization, promotion of best practices, supporting media, audience involvement, and delivery skills. A PDF of the Conference Session Evaluation Form can be seen and/or downloaded here.

Each year's "Best of Kansas" presentation is submitted, as are those from other states, to the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for presentation at the following year's CS Conference. Partial funding of the recipient's travel is provided by KSWLA.

You are almost ready to submit a presentation proposal! The KSWLA 2016-17 Vice President, Sheree Willis, oversees the KSWLA 2017 breakout sessions. You will receive confirmation of your submission via e-mail within a few days. Should you, for some reason, not receive confirmation of this proposal submission, please contact the Vice President immediately at < [email protected] >. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly for correspondence related to the conference.


Thank you for your proposal. You will receive confirmation of receipt within a few days from the KSWLA Vice President, who is in charge of conference sessions.
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