Kansas World Language Association

Promoting and improving teachingProviding professional development. Encouraging cooperation.

  • to promote and improve the teaching of world languages and cultures;
  • to provide continuing professional development; and
  • to encourage the spirit of cooperation among world language educators in Kansas.
The oldest Bulletin in our archives is for October, 1956. However, the oldest copy of the minutes of the annual meeting is dated November 6, 1931. At that time, we were known as the Kansas Modern Language Association (KMLA). In 1968, our name officially became the Kansas Foreign Language Association (KFLA), in order to include teachers of Greek and Latin and to affiliate with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Most recently, in October 2004, we voted to change the organization's name to the Kansas World Language Association (KSWLA). This is intended to diminish the 'foreign-ness' of language learning, to extend membership to teachers of North American native languages, and to encourage teachers of English to speakers of other languages in becoming members.


2013-2014   Jan Denning

2012-2013  Mike Flenthrope

2011-2012  Megan Buell

2010-2011  Mary Smith

2009-2010  Leah McKeeman

2008-2009  Melanie Adams

2007-2008  Chuck Thorpe

2006-2007  Jerry Smartt

2005-2006  Karen Tritt

2004-2005  Erin Joyce

2003-2004  Tatiana Sildus

2002-2003  Jane Bodecker

2000-2002  Lois O’Malley

1999-2000  Mary Alice Schroeger

1998-1999  Peggy Bachelor

1999-2000  Mary Alice Schroeger

1998-1999  Peggy Bachelor

1997-1998  Penny Armstrong

1996-1997  Carol Swinney

1995-1996  Debbie Withers

1994-1995  Julie Phares

1993-1994  Ruth Firestone

1992-1993  Lyn Bement

1991-1992  Corinne Anderson

1990-1991  Terry Lindberg

1989-1990  Jean Dawson

1988-1989  Mary Rogers

1987-1988  Colleen Gray

1986-1987  Max Klamm 


Our organizational symbol is a product of Kansas language teachers' ever-changing perspectives and practices.

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