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KSWLA 2011

Keynote Presenter
Lisa Lilley
ACTFL 2009 Teacher of the Year

"Engaging Students
Through Project Based Learning"


Have you ever been frustrated when the time invested in a project far surpassed its learning outcomes? Project Based Learning can lead to stronger learning when students are engaged and motivated to answer a question or solve a problem through authentic learning activities and employ 21st century skills.


In the first part of the workshop, you will get an overview of PBL and see several project examples that can be adapted to different languages and levels. You'll also investigate different approaches to assessment. In the workshop's second part, you will explore captivating tech tools and numerous additional resources. And finally, you will be guided in restructuring a project or activity you currently use in order to boost its potential to create deeper learning that lasts for your students.


About the Presenter

Lisa Lilley, Central High School (Springfield, MO) Spanish Teacher and the Central States Foreign Languages Teacher of the Year, was named the 2009 ACTFL Teacher of the Year at the November annual conference in San Diego, CA.
Lisa Lilley has taught 17 years in her school district. She began her teaching career at Reed Middle School, taught 15 years at Glendale High School, and is currently at Central High School where she serves also as the Curriculum Development Committee Chair for her school district. Lisa has an M.Ed degree from Drury University and has studied abroad in Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica. She coordinates study trips to Costa Rica for her students and for other teachers of Spanish. She has been involved in the leadership of the Foreign Language Association of Missouri and the Ozarks Foreign Language Association. Lisa is a popular presenter at many conferences, having been chosen Best of Missouri in 2005 and a CSC All-Star in 2007.

Tributes: from a colleague: “For Mrs. Lilley, teaching is not a job, but a calling and one which she has accepted with enthusiasm and passion.” From a student: “. . . studying under Sra. Lilley has in many ways greatly changed my life. She encouraged me to fight my hesitations and fears. She is by far the greatest teacher influence I have ever had.”  Another student: “. . . Spanish has become a passion for me, and no other teacher has contributed nearly as much to that passion than Sra. Lilley.” And another: “My trip to Costa Rica was the single most empowering event that occurred during my adolescence. . . . I cannot imagine my life without Spanish and I owe that to Lisa Lilley.”

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Friday Evening (4:30-9:45 PM)
Mixer / Plated Dinner Option / Themed Workshops / AAT Meetings

Saturday AM (7:30 AM- 12:00 PM)
Business Meeting / Keynote Workshop I / Breakout Sessions

Saturday PM (12:00 - 4:45 PM)
Awards Banquet  / Keynote Workshop II / Breakout Sessions

* 'Breakout Sessions' are presentations by your fellow KSWLA members

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Diane DeNoon
Performance Assessments
that Lead to Proficiency (Pt. I)
Phyllis Farrar
Tips and Tricks for Teaching
    in the Target Language   
Lisa Lilley
Power Tools for the
        Teacher's Toolbox        
 (see descriptions below)
Diane DeNoon: Creating Performance Assessments that Lead to Proficiency (Pt. I)
This will be an introductory workshop session, the first part being presented Friday evening and the second part on Saturday. Participants will learn about the principles of quality performance assessments and how they drive the instruction for a unit. Presenter will guide participants in creating of a set of performance assessments for a typical course unit that can be used regardless of textbook or language.  Teachers will collaborate by course level, with step by step guidance from the presenter.  Levels and topics will be decided in advance of the workshop based upon the courses that participants are currently teaching. A minimum of three participants for a course group, such as three level 1 or three level 2 teachers will be required in order to offer this workshop. Teachers who would be able to continue collaborative work-either virtually or in person- during the rest of the year should consider attending this workshop together. Participants will need to bring a laptop computer with wireless capabilities.

Phyllis Farrar: Tips and Tricks for Teaching in the Target Language
National standards set a goal of 90% of instruction in the target language. It can be done by establishing routines on Day 1, using prior knowledge, scaffolding activities, and crafting comprehensible input. Borrow from a ‘mature’ teacher’s bag of tricks to build your confidence and to experience a new joy in teaching. This session will help you justify the practice to doubting students, parents, or administrators.  

Lisa Lilley: Power Tools for the Teacher's Toolbox
Move over Craftsman and Black & Decker! Teachers want Power Tools that can really rev up their students! Fill your toolbox with a dozen of Lisa's all-time favorite activities that promote students' communicative competency. We'll also discuss philosophies and approaches to language learning so that teachers can power up these activities to do much more than just flush out a lesson plan.

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Wichita Marriott Hotel  
9100 Corporate Hills Drive
Wichita, Kansas  67207

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