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KSWLA 2007

November 2-3, 2007
Wichita Marriott Hotel

Keynote/Workshop Presenter:


 Peggy Boyles


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Sessions galore

• A Linguistic Dip: Recipe for a Successful Immersion Day
• Acquisition in Action:  Backing into Proficiency
• Argentina on a Fulbright-Hayes Seminar: Education and the Child
• Encountering Swahili
• Fiesta: Quick & Simple Paper Decorations
• Gente Joven: A textbook that works with a task-based approach
• International Business in KS and the Importance of FL Skills
• Issues of Postsecondary Language Teaching: A Roundtable Discussion
• Joyeaux Noėl: The Story That History Forgot
• Making learners more accountable with Linguafolio
• New Kansas World Language Standards – Leveraging Value in the Curriculum
• Perspective of a ‘Big Nose’. . . Teaching Chinese in the Land of Oz
• Platero y yo, an Enjoyable Book for Children and Adults
• Putting it All Together (Cultural units)
• Teaching German Culture with LoriotTraveling Suitcases (musical instruments)
• TV5 Monde as a Resource for the French Classroom
• Using PowerPoint to Create Games for the FL Classroom
• Visiting International Teachers in Kansas
• What Can I Do with 15 Minutes?
• Working With Routines

Site visits

Instead of attending two sessions on Friday morning, a limited number of people can visit a
model program in Wichita schools.  Two groups will meet at 8:30, board their transportation
to make a site visit. Each visit includes a tour, classroom observations, and time for
discussion. Afterward they will stop at the Watermark Bookstore for sandwiches, chips, and a
drink.  These lunches will be pre-paid and ready to pick up. The group will return to the
Marriott in time for the keynote presentation. Site visits and lunch must be reserved ahead of
time – first come, first served. 

• Dual Language Program at Horace Mann Magnet School (K-8)
• International Baccalaureate at East High School

Keynote presentations by Peggy Boyles During her foreign language career of thirty five years, Peggy Boyles has taught ementary and secondary students in both private and public schools and served as a K-12 district curriculum supervisor in world languages. She has taught foreign language methods at the university level and is currently a part-time instructor at Oklahoma State University.  She has provided professional development services to over forty departments of education, state organizations (including KSWLA in 2000) and school districts throughout the country on topics such as standards-based curriculum, performance assessment, and rubric design. She served as the Assessment Editor for NNELL’s (National Network for Early Language Learning) Learning Languages journal and has published several articles about assessment and curriculum design.  Peggy also served as a Senior Editor of the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners and frequently conducts workshops for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) on this topic.  She is the 2004 recipient of the ACTFL Florence Steiner Award for Leadership in Foreign Language Education, K-12. 

Friday afternoon: Taking a Behind the Scenes Tour with Cultural Instruction!
By looking “behind the scenes” of cultural practices and products, students can begin to
discover the perspectives and values of the culture they are studying.  Although culture has
traditionally been taught by offering students bits and pieces of cultural information, providing
strategies for our students to guide them to think reflectively about both their own culture and
that of the target culture can help them get beyond the outer layers of cultural awareness and
begin to penetrate the core perspectives.  By using authentic sources, we can design
activities and assessments that lead our students to become “cultural anthropologists” and to
discover the deeper layers of cultural understanding. Workshop participants will see and
discuss examples of activities and assessments that use art, movie clips, websites and other
authentic resources to develop cultural activities that will enhance the units they teach.  So
start popping the popcorn!  Google to your heart’s content!  There can be method to our

Saturday afternoon:  A Heads-Up from the Master Artists: Tips for Integrating Art into
World Language Instruction

Imagine what it would be like to teach French with Pierre-Auguste Renoir by your side! What
secrets could Frida Kahlo whisper into your ears as you teach Spanish vocabulary and
grammar? What tips could Heinrich Hoffman offer you as you explore German culture? This
workshop will model a variety of methods to integrate art into the classroom in a
communicative way. Attendees will participate in a variety of activities with the presenter and
will then create similar activities and performance-based assessment tasks throughout the
workshop to use in their classrooms. Examples will be given in Spanish, French, German and
Japanese, although all are applicable to all languages.